March 8, 2020

To Land

Touching down in the city of sails, and the only thing in my heart was my own choices and freedom. As I sauntered solo along the […]
March 8, 2020

Floatation Therapy

Have you ever experienced a feeling of weightlessness, or even just nothingness? I’m a big fan of experiences. For my birthdays, I’d rather do something than […]
March 8, 2020

Who Asked You #2

Welcome to Craccum, where we put the “agony” in “agony aunt.” We’re not qualified to deal with your problems, but neither are you.  Help! My ex […]
March 16, 2020


Sherry Zhang caught up with food instagrammer Ayaan Shaikh @auckeats, on how reviewing his brunch (with help of a few friends) helped him make a bit […]