June 5, 2018

Hollywoo: Britney in Hindsight

2007 is still somewhat of a blank spot to me. Honestly, 2005 to 2007 occupies little space within my brain – I suppose there was just […]
June 5, 2018

Hollywoo: The Wrath of Uma Thurman: Bitch, You Don’t Have a Future

Have you read the New York Times article about Uma Thurman and her experiences with Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino? If not, let me get you […]
June 6, 2018

Hollywood: Queer Eye for the Septuagenarian Eye

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was a show in 2003 that occupied a funny little time in pop culture: LGBT visibility and eventual acceptance was […]
July 15, 2018

Hollywoo: TINA! Bring me the axe!

My boyfriend is . . . not exactly the most pop-culture savvy person out there. He’s an engineering student so I mean, I knew what I […]