Eccentric Life Advice #1: How to Increase Productivity

The computer is the greatest and most terrible of the numerous devices we have let into our homes thinking they will make our lives easier. It allows us access to all the wonders of endless human knowledge. It also offers us access to the horrors endless contact with humanity facilitates.

There is a great deal of traditional advice directed at how to turn things on, but this is far more practical advice as requires no preparation, peacocking, or paraphernalia. In lieu of turning off the contraption entirely, which is simply not practical for many of us, I offer an exercise to streamline the functions of the computer into something akin to an electronic typewriter with digital storage.

The immediate observable results will be a sudden sense of true isolation, followed by a distant ring of relief, and a decrease in the constant anxiety that comes from being contactable at all times.

The recommended duration and frequency of this exercise for beginners is a few minutes per day though some naturally talented folks find they have an ability to go much longer. Ultimately it is consistency in the practice that will yield superior results. After the desired period, the steps may be repeated, with the final word in the last action supplanted with “On.”

To accomplish the exercise:

Find Wifi icon.

Click it.

Select “Turn Wifi Off”