News: Awaiting The Trial of Ahed Tamimi – Palestinian Youth Activist Faces Prison Sentence

Over the summer, many of us learnt about the arrest of 17 year old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi. She is awaiting trial for slapping two Israeli officers, who were wearing protective gear, outside her home in the occupied West Bank. Tamimi’s family and friends have faced continuing violence and assault at the hands of Israeli soldiers which resulted in her confronting the officers outside her home. Prior to her assault the officers, Tamimi’s cousin Mohammed was shot with a rubber bullet resulting in the need for surgery to remove part of his skull being removed.

Tamimi has been arrested and charged with numerous charges laid against her such as aggravated assault, obstructing the work of soldiers, and incitement. Up to this point Tamimi has faced brutal interrogations often lasting hours with threats often being made against her family. She is set to face trial in front of the Israeli military juvenile court where a prison sentence is likely. A sentence many have described as disproportionate to her actions. Recently at least nine more of her family members including her mother have also been arrested.