News: One Million Trees for Trump

An international reforestation project founded with the intent of countering President Trump’s anti-climate policies has achieved pledges for over one million trees. The Trump Forest movement, with its tagline ‘Where ignorance grows trees’, aims to rally support from communities worldwide in offsetting the effects of carbon dioxide emissions should the current US administration proceed further in endorsing fossil fuels and abolishing climate change policy. Founded by three climate change activists, including French-New Zealand journalist turned entrepreneur Adrien Taylor, Trump Forest launched initially with a contribution of 1000 native New Zealand trees.

Interested individuals can partake in the project at no cost by planting trees in Trump’s name in any location, to then be included on the global Trump Forest map. Direct donations to the project’s partner charity, Eden Reforestation Projects helps fund environment restoration projects in developing countries affected by deforestation.

The project was first established in 2017 after the President’s move to pulling the United States from the Paris Agreement, an international accord aiming to address issues of climate change. It strives to reach its international target of 10 billion trees.

“One million trees is only the beginning,” co-founder and climate scientist Dr. Dan Price affirmed. “We really look forward to making Earth great again.”