Editorial: Welcome to the Void

Helen: I just want to say I’m falling into a void of darkness from my honours dissertation and dealing with finding a house during this renting crisis. But welcome to issue 3! Shoutout to my supervisor who tolerates my slow email responses and progress in writing. This week’s issue is unthemed but we’re featuring some great pieces like this morbid little editorial here. Seriously though, I’m really excited for the community section this week. Our beloved editor Emelia had the privilege of interviewing Dayeon Lee, the director of Women in Health Network, in regards to her work and the importance of the organisation.

Jasmin: House hunting is a pain, as is getting furniture delivered to your 9th floor apartment at lunch time. Fun all around for everyone involved. Going back to the morbid theme of our editorial, we found some blood plushies from the blood donation drives happening around campus at the moment. We now have 2 twin plushies that represent each of us in the office.

Helen: Our arts editor literally just asked me “why is your life not more eventful?”, that’s true Chris, I have no idea why either. I mean I was running a stall at Summer Zinefest last Saturday if that counts. If anyone ever wants to make zines please feel free to email or Instagram me @chinesegoth for more dark content. Speaking of social media, is anyone interested in running Craccum’s social media and working with a group of aunties in the office? We provide lots of support and snacks. Please enquire via email.

Jasmin: Helen’s zines are amazing, I support (and contribute to) the A+ content and you should too dear reader. This week I got the chance to interview one of my friends and upcoming Auckland rapper Lost Loves. The interview involved some cute revelations about one of his songs and some thoughts on being a brown man in a white man’s world. Helen’s review of Orphans Kitchen is also very funny and a must read if you are thinking of eating there ever (spoiler: just don’t). We hope you enjoy our first unthemed issue of the year!