Album Review: Good Things, Leon Bridges

Strange question, but have you ever wondered how coffee would sound like if it were a song? I’ll let you in on a little secret; give Good Thing a listen.

Good Thing is Leon Bridges’ second musical instalment, and it has garnered wonderful reviews all round. Having been released this year, our ears have been blessed with Bridges’ R&B and Blues infused sounds, with songs that I guarantee will linger around like lavender and white rose extract incense. The album starts off with “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” a soulful rhythm and blues kind of song. When I hear the xylophone and the harp play at work, I am becalmed knowing that within the next hour or so, I can escape the fast-paced and occasionally troublesome world of retail, and just relax listening to a musical conglomerate of funk, jazz, R&B and soul.

The album concludes with “Georgia to Texas”; a tasteful end, bringing to light Bridges’ musical versatility. It is a wonderful jazz song, one that you could imagine being played in neat little cafes. As aforementioned, Good Thing is similar to drinking a brilliantly brewed cuppa in the morning; the scent of caffeine caresses your nose, you take a sip and it tastes just right. Good Thing is just that; it is a perfect balance between sweet and bitter, light and dark and it’s neither too hot nor too cold. The album is most definitely an easy listen, one that is not too disruptive to listen to whilst studying or just to relax to after a long hard day. Harkening to the beginning of this praise, Good Thing is well and most truly a perfect musical concoction, with hints of jazz, a generous sprinkling of R&B a pinch of soul and a teaspoon of funk. What do you get when you mix all of those ingredients together?

A perfectly aromatic musical brew.