Exhibition Review: Daily Exposure at Window Galley

Daily Exposure features art by Kimmi Rindel & Vanessa Crofskey

Daily Exposure is a fully functional Light Therapy station, set up within the confines of the Window Gallery itself. Light Therapy is practised clinically to help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, utilising specialised lamps that are designed to mimic natural sunlight.

The work is part of a wider project by Rindel and Crofskey, “Wellbeing Analysis Techniques Limited™”, that “examines the industry of wellness through arts practice, satire and genuine belief in alternative therapies”, and has a stated goal of “boosting the University of Auckland’s melatonin level – in lieu of budget increases for the arts and for healthcare”.

The first thing that stands out about the project is that the environment is genuinely soothing. Local artist Jms Rsby has provided a ten-minute looping ambient soundtrack for the project, which immediately secludes the space, distancing the space .

Participants are invited to spend as much or as little time in the presence of the lights as they would like – it is almost easy to recommend students unironically take advantage of the space to unwind between classes.

At the same time, the open-ness of the space means that staying for too long will always feel indulgent – participants can’t escape the fact that, by opting to become a part of the work itself, they are offering themselves up to be looked at by the thousands of students walking by.

And once one does leave, the sheer chaos of the University seems to quickly undo any benefit generated by the lights and the soothing music – which, obviously, is the whole point.