Poetry By Victoria Dillen


I saw you
Glimpsed myself

I curled in
You laid your head on my stomach
And learned to feel warmth within
It was infinity

I smiled.
Offer my warmth to la luna
Because you deserve to glow



Ropes across my chest
Smoke fills my lungs
It hardens like cold wax
I do this to myself
I can’t breathe

Desperately trying to unravel the tangle of thoughts burning my mind
Until I can reach that place where I forget
That bliss
My shoulders soften

Each time thinking it will be different
I can control it
Squeezing so tight
I’ve forgotten to breathe

It’s the wind blowing past
Sunlight forcing me to squint
Blocking your touch
The taste of a cigarette
Once ash passes there is nothing left

A heart wrapped
Encased by the
Thickest rope
Tied in endless knots
Wrecked storm inside



Tonight I walked towards the water
Orange streaks escaped the heavy grey skies
Lava bursting through rock
It was dangerous and it was me.
I want the unguarded earth to crack
Become wild

You write from that place in your soul
Where the depths are so great that you
Forget your sight to see.

Trust in the strength of your heartbeat
It drums though you cannot hear it
Feel the strikes from within
Their unsettled beat directs you

One day I will unravel and
You will know the way out
But for now.
Enjoy the labyrinth
Bleed from it’s thorns



She plays the sky
A game
Shut your eyes and drive
Sometimes that’s more fun.