Food: Seaweed Egg Rolls


2 eggs
1 spring onion
1 sheet of seaweed
Drop of sesame oil
Half a teaspoon of salt


  1. First toast the seaweed. You can do this on your stove. First put your element on low heat and let your seaweed hover over it, flipping it constantly. Do this until the seaweed is crispy and takes on a brighter green.
  2. In a bowl break up the seaweed into tiny pieces. Then chop up the spring onion into rings.
  3. Crack 2 eggs in the bowl and beat the mixture till everything is well incorporated.
  4. Add half a teaspoon of salt and a drop of sesame oil and mix again.
  5. Heat the pan on medium heat and cover the pan with a neutral oil.
  6. Before the oil starts to bubble, pour the egg mixture onto the pan
  7. Separate the egg mixture gently with a spatula to create folds and tilt the pan to coat the bottom evenly.
  8. When it starts to set on the edges, begin rolling the egg mixture into a log.
  9. When the rolling is done, cook for 30 seconds on each side on low heat.
  10. Take the roll on a chopping board and let it rest for 3 minutes.
  11. Cut the rolls into half inch slices.

Serve on top of rice. Enjoy!