Film Review: Rainbow Time


Rainbow Time is a fun, lighthearted comedy about the trials and tribulations of being a brother to the irrepressible Shonzi. A young man with a bowl cut hairstyle who is a bit soft in the head, well his Brother did run over it. Shonzi likes to play with dolls and is obsessed with Fonzi from “Happy Days’. Who is Fonzi? He’s that weird guy in popular culture who constantly wears a leather jacket with slicked back hair and goes ‘Ayyyyyyy’ whenever he does something cool.

Shonzi a self-confessed ‘rainbow child’ (an innocent and young soul by definition) idolizes Fonzi due to his perceived and exemplary sexual prowess with women. “He just snaps his fingers and girls appear” says Shonzi when he is called upon to put forward the virtues of Fonzi haha. “Happy Days” was a classical American sitcom long before millennials walked the earth or wore diapers for that matter. But you will know the actor that plays ‘the Fonz’; Henry Winkler. The coach off Adam Sandler’s cult-classic Waterboy. But why watch Rainbow Time? Well this film is deep and may cause you to tear up, be warned. It also centres around strained family relationships but in a truly comic fashion.

Sure it’s not a movie with a ton of money poured all over it to make it good. Instead this film simply rocks because it has a great script, got made and has excellent acting throughout. The Kiwi actress Melanie Lynskey stars as leading lady, with the film itself now available on Netflix.